Individualized Tutoring K-12

One on One Learning's Individualized Tutoring program is designed to assist students with day-to-day school assignments such as:

  • Completing daily homework
  • Studying for a quiz or test
  • Building upon a student’s prior knowledge
  • Organizing daily assignments
  • Developing study skills

Since every student's situation in school is different, we understand that the approach to tutoring must be individualized. One on One Learning recognizes that there are many factors that affect a student's ability to learn. Therefore we begin the process of creating an individualized program by gathering as much information as possible regarding the student's academic and overall needs. Together with your child's teacher, our tutors communicate continuously to ensure a correlation between what they are being taught at school and what they are learning with their tutor.

Through our experience, One on One Learning understands the factors that lead to a student not succeeding in school. Any or all of these factors contribute to a child's self-esteem and lack of academic confidence.

Some of these may include:

  • Distraction due to too many students in the classroom
  • Lack of mastery of pre-requisite skills
  • A lack of motivation from the student
  • A lack of effective teaching or school material is just simply too difficult.
  • Social stress
  • Family distractions
  • Language difficulties
  • Possible learning disability

Each situation is different and requires that a distinctive instructional approach is employed. In addition to adapting our tutoring approach to the specific need of every student, we are also available to collaborate with each student's teachers to ensure that all stakeholders, in building the success of the student, work together to build academic confidence. At One on One Learning we believe students must be actively engaged in their learning so our tutors create fun, educational lessons that are enjoyable to the student and make them feel better about themselves in the process. Our tutors communicate with the classroom teacher and the parent to keep the student focused on a path towards confidence and success. This approach has proven to create successful independent learners.