Diagnostic Tutoring K-12

One on One Learning's Diagnostic Tutoring Program is designed to narrow the learning gap of students to help them reach their appropriate achievement levels. The process begins with an in-depth interview and complete diagnostic evaluation. Baseline student academic levels and prior rates of academic progress will be established. Data from this evaluation allows the director to assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses and, together with the tutor and the parents, develop an individualized and comprehensive instructional program that includes progress monitoring.

Teaching materials are carefully selected and adapted to meet the individual needs of each student to ensure that the specific learning styles are addressed. Multi-sensory resources are used to maintain interest and increase student motivation. Goals are set and continuously evaluated through the use of individualized benchmark assessments. When skills are mastered by the student, new goals are set. The process is continuously monitored by the director and tutors as this allows for quick intervention and modifications of the program if necessary. All this instruction/tutoring provided by One on One Learning is conducted in the comfort of your own home!