Summer Learning Academy / Spring Break Academy

One on One's Summer/Spring Learning Academy is the perfect blend of learning and fun. 

Tutoring students throughout the school year, we realize one of the biggest factors that inhibit students in school is their lack of mastering basic skills and their idle learning over the summer.  Research states that students, who are not actively engaged in learning over the summer break, may lose up to four months of knowledge.

Our Summer/Spring Learning Academy is designed to ensure students do not fall behind academically over the summer and spring break and have fun while enriching their skills.  Our theme is to ‘Build on the Basics’.  By this we mean mastering:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Decimals and fractions
  • Reading
  • Increasing fluency
  • Building vocabulary
  • Mastering phonics
  • Increasing comprehension

Every grade level requires a different concentration of the basics. We provide an individualized program for every student for every grade level K-12.  Before every student begins, we set up an individualized program of study that will focus on improving the areas in which they require the most help. 

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