Our Approach

One on One Learning was founded with the knowledge that every child learns differently. Taking this into account, One on One Learning individualizes every service they offer to target the specific needs of each student.

At One on One Learning, every tutoring program is designed with the intention of accurately assessing student strengths and weaknesses, identifying deficient skills, and then developing an instructional learning program to address the individual needs of each student.

Additionally, One on One Learning tutors are in frequent contact with parents in order to keep them informed of their child’s progress and to discuss the steps necessary to keep them on the right track towards success!

One on One Learning tutors use multi-sensory approaches to assure instructional methods and strategies fit an individual student's profile of learning. A variety of teaching methods incorporating visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile learning strategies are used to meet the diverse needs of students. This individualized approach to improving student learning and achievement has proven successful time and time again!

Through the regular practice of these techniques, students are increasing the awareness of their learning obstacles and are addressing them, over time, with regular practice until these techniques become second nature.